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Personal AV laboratory for each client


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Allows to see the malware from the inside

tLab system is a corporate local service for safe and remote analysis of suspicious objects. Practically tLab produces an autonomous analysis of program behavior and identifies malicious functionality in a local cloud. The system allows to automate the process of analyzing the behavior of any program and identify in them signs of malicious functions.



Full automation of malware analysis


Deep analysis of malicious behavior, allowing detection of complex and hidden attacks


Fast verdict generation on the basis of an interactive report that allows to see the malware from the inside

tLab in numbers

Detects more than 50 types of malicious activity

Checks up to 7,000 samples per day
(on a single server)

Provides a verdict on an object in 60 seconds


Cybersecurity teaching manual

A unique study guide on cyber security (e-learning and self-training)

  • Relevant cybersecurity topics (theory and practice)
  • Exclusive material for Kazakhstan
  • Interactive Simulation (virus analysis lab)
More than 20 government agencies and organizations are end users for the manual

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In the field of educational services and system integration