Our company

T&T Security was founded in 2013. The founder of the company is A.Tokhtabaev Ph.D., who during the last 10 years conducted research in US in the field of cyber security. The company was created to combat the new generation of cyber threats, which are not prevented by traditional antivirus technology. The DNA of our company – an innovative approach to computer system protection. The initial products of the company are based on the latest cutting edge technologies developed by the founder during his professors and research activities in the US.

Tokhtabaev Arnur Biography

For almost ten years Tokhtabaev Arnur worked in various universities in the US, where he conducted research in the field of cyber-security as part of prospective projects funded by the US Air Force and DARPA. In 2011 Arnur received his PhD from the State University New York (SUNY) in the field of computer security with a thesis on intrusion detection. Subsequently he was hired as a teaching professor at the Center for Secure Informational Systems in the University of George Mason (CSIS at George Mason University). This center is in the top 10 best cyber-security academic centers in USA. Here Arnur led a group of researchers working on large cyber-security projects, funded by DARPA (The Agency for Defense Advanced Research Projects USA).

The DNA of our company - an innovative approach to cyber security systems. As a result - all our products are based on in-depth research, presented at the world conference.
Tokhtabaev ArnurPh.D., CEO of T&T Security

Arnur focused on the implementation in Kazakhstan of a number of antivirus technologies that he developed in the United States. To this end, Arnur founded the Kazakh company T&T Security, which has developed a new product - the tLab system, which is an Anti-APT solution. This product is used in a number of organizations in Kazakhstan, including the Cyber ​​Shield RK system.