Cybersecurity manual

Copyrighted interactive training manual on cybersecurity adapted for civil servants of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

This manual will enable your employees to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to deal with cyber attacks aimed at the vulnerability of the human factor (social engineering, subtle attacks, targeted threats. The manual is designed by our international-level expert, who for the past 10 years has been engaged in research and teaching in the field of cybersecurity within the walls of the world's universities and scientific and academic centers.

More than 20 government agencies and organizations are end users for the manual

The training material was developed taking into account practical threats and current problems in information security in government bodies and organizations of RK, including the latest threats. The manual is the object of our intellectual property of our expert, confirmed by the certificate of state registration of rights to the object of copyright.

  • Relevant cybersecurity topics (theory and practice)
  • Exclusive material for Kazakhstan
  • Interactive Simulation (virus analysis lab)

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