T&T Security and Trend Micro conclude an agreement on the beginning of scientific and technical cooperation

by T&T Security

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, 25 feb. 2020 — at a joint press release in Astana Hub, T&T Security and Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a world leader in the development of cybersecurity solutions, announced the signing of an agreement about scientific and technical cooperation. As part of the cooperation, the companies plan to devote resources to the development and implementation of joint projects, initiatives and scientific and technical work in the field of information security in Kazakhstan, as well as deep technological integration of existing solutions.

The integration and joint use of Trend Micro products to monitor suspicious network activity, prevent intrusions, protect servers and workstations, and tLab's T&T Security detection and in-depth malware threat analysis solution will maximize client infrastructure protection and prevent cyber attacks that cannot be detected traditional antiviruses and other security features.

T&T Security's tLab is an innovative new type of malware threat protection product: stealth attacks, targeted and APT attacks. tLab provides a professional sandbox (sandbox) and is able to identify malware at the behavioral and heuristic levels. Among the main features of the product can be noted its complete autonomy, an intelligent approach to threat analysis and high performance. tLab will be the first sandbox (an isolated solution for the safe analysis of potential threats) included in the Trusted Software and Electronic Products Registry.

“Kazakhstan is rapidly developing in the field of information security. For us, the market of this country is one of the priorities and we are pleased to start cooperation with such an advanced company as T&T Security. Integration of our solutions will protect Kazakhstani enterprises and government agencies from complex cyber attacks. Support from the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and the Aerospace Industry will further contribute to success, ”said German Pozankov, Trend Micro's regional director for the CIS, Georgia and Mongolia.

“Collaboration and integration with the solutions of the world leader TrendMicro is an important step for us in the development of the company. We believe that the synergy of TrendMicro's products and global experience and our innovations in the tLab system will provide a comprehensive solution to protect the organization from cyber threats of any level, ”said T&T Security CEO Arnur Tokhtabaev.

“I believe that the fact of such cooperation is one of the results of the work of the Cyber ​​shield of Kazakhstan and will serve to strengthen the information security of the country. In addition, this opens up our country to the world community from a new perspective - as a manufacturer of high-quality cybersecurity solutions. At the same time, this initiative opens up new opportunities for both the export of Kazakhstani IT products and the entry of world brands into the Kazakhstan Register of trusted software products and electronic industry, ”said Ruslan Abdikalikov, deputy chairman of the Information Security Committee of the ICRIAP. The signing of a cooperation agreement will allow companies to combine their technical and scientific experience and effectively develop projects related to information security within the framework of the Cyber ​​Protection of Kazakhstan Concept for Cybersecurity, approved in February 2017.

About Trend Micro

Trend Micro Incorporated, the global leader in cybersecurity solutions, helps secure the worldwide exchange of digital information. Our innovative solutions for home users, enterprises and government agencies provide multi-level security for data centers, cloud infrastructures, networks and endpoints. All our products work closely with each other to seamlessly exchange threat data and provide fast and high-quality protection with centralized management. Over 6,000 employees from 50 countries and Trend Micro's most advanced threat detection and investigation system help organizations secure their network infrastructure. For more information, visit our website: trendmicro.com.

About T&T Security

T&T Security is a new dynamic cybersecurity company. The company's founder, Arnur Tokhtabaev, Ph.D., worked as a research professor at George Meissen University (Virginia) and spent nine years conducting research in the field of cybersecurity at world universities and research centers in the United States. The goal of creating T&T Security is to combat a new generation of cyber threats that are not prevented by traditional antivirus technologies. The company's DNA is an innovative approach to cybersecurity systems. As a result, the tLab product is based on in-depth research presented at world conferences. The company is a member of the Astana Technological Park Astana Hub. Clients of the company are corporate customers, as well as government organizations, including the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.