Domestic antivirus company detects zero-day threat in government agencies

According to T&T Security, in December 2020, malicious software was sent to the corporate mail of an employee of the Center for the Development of Human Resources JSC (it was created to ensure the security of the information infrastructure of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan...


Arnur Tokhtabaev, T&T Security: there was a question - to do science or develop your own product

For almost ten years, our founder Arnur Tokhtabaev worked at various universities in the United States, but eventually returned to Kazakhstan to plunge headlong into work on his own project. In an interview with Profit, it is said about what has been achieved over the years, whether the company plans to enter foreign markets. And how good Cybershield is from the point of view of a cybersecurity expert.