Malware research
virus laboratory

Understanding the anatomy of a virus is crucial for effective defense against it. At VirLab, we employ advanced technologies that delve into the very structure of malware, breaking it down to its most fundamental components. This deep-level analysis allows us to understand and combat malicious threats more effectively.

Pioneering the Future of Cybersecurity

Understanding the tactics and objectives of attackers is crucial in cybersecurity. At VirLab, we provide answers to these questions and more.
Our team of virus analysts utilizes both manual techniques and specially designed tools to identify malicious files and new types of attacks.

Parsing and object
into "atoms"

To track threats and prevent targeted attacks, you need to understand what danger the object is fraught with and how it works.
Virus analysts perform in-depth manual analysis of an object. Moreover, in the study, specialists rely on the result of dynamic analysis in the tLab system.


If the malware has extensive functionality, a detailed report is generated with a description of the object's operation and the result of the "tLab" scan. Yara rules are formed in parallel.
The development of products for protection against cyber threats and targeted attacks of increased complexity is just one of the areas of our work. We pay great attention to the study of malicious objects.

To effectively counter a virus, it's essential to understand its anatomy. Our VirLab technologies enable us to delve into the structure of malware, breaking it down to its most fundamental components.

T&T Security VirLab specialists have a set of various tools for manual threat analysis and an advanced tLab system.

We collaborate with companies and government agencies, helping them identify and prevent new types of threats. This allows you to quickly detect and respond to attacks of any type.

T&T Security VirLab employees were the first in the CIS to conduct a detailed analysis of the WannaCry malware and compiled detailed statistics on this threat. In 2017, a network worm infected more than a million computers in 200 countries around the world. The virus paralyzed the work of airports, banks, factories, government agencies. The total damage caused by malware exceeded $ 1 billion. A VirLab study on this topic was published on the Habr website. It was viewed by over 100 thousand users. In the "Research" section of our website, you can familiarize yourself with the most notorious cases of attacks, which were studied by the employees of "VirLab". These are the Rising Sun backdoor analysis from APT Lazarus, the AveMaria / Warzone RAT analysis, the Agent Tesla packaged sample, and others.