About company

«T&T Security» protects systems from a new type of cyber threat. For more than 7 years, we have been successfully defending against APT-class attacks, zero-day attacks, and targeted malware. Our technologies are effective where typical protection tools are powerless.
Our team
Our team at T&T Security comprises specialists from diverse fields including web developers, DevOps engineers, system administrators, developers, virus analysts, testers, and project managers. Together, we have developed and continue to enhance our advanced tLab system, which not only recognizes and blocks attacks but also conducts a detailed analysis of malicious objects.
Our products
We create products to protect against cyber threats. Among them:
- Advanced threat recognition and blocking system tLab
- a product for protecting e-mail from new and complex "tMail"
- "omniConsole data analysis and management system

Arnur Tokhtabayev

Ph.D., CEO of T&T Security
T&T Security, established in 2013, was founded by Dr. A. Tokhtabaev, who has spent the past decade conducting cybersecurity research in the United States. Our company was created with the mission to combat next-generation cyber threats that traditional antivirus technologies fail to prevent. Innovation is at the core of our approach to computer security systems. Our initial product offerings were built on cutting-edge technologies, developed by our founder during his academic tenure in the United States.
Our company's DNA is an innovative approach to cybersecurity systems. As a result, all our products are based on in-depth scientific research presented at world conferences.
Arnur focused on the implementation in Kazakhstan of a number of antivirus technologies that he developed in the United States. To this end, Arnur founded the Kazakh company T&T Security, which has developed a new product - the tLab system, which is an Anti-APT class solution. This product is used in a number of organizations in Kazakhstan, including the Kazakhstan Cyber Shield system.